Janine Tugonon Artistic Nude Photos And Videos

Janine Tugonon Nude 1

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Exotic Pinay beauty queen turned fashion model Janine Tugonon agreed to strip down to her birthday suit for some artsy-fartsy American calendar, hoping it will help her land more international modelling gigs. It turned out to be a wise decision because Janine became the first Filipina ever to be featured in a Victoria’s Secret ad. We’re hoping her modelling career flourishes and she continues to bring pride to the motherland!

Ellen Adarna Is Still A Hot Piece Of Ass

Ellen Adarna Exposed

Our choice for the sexiest Instagram posts this year by a Filipina celebrity are these amazing shots of actress Ellen Adarna showing us her naked butt while trying on some clothes in front of a mirror. This gorgeous Cebuana lass has been the darling of social media sites since the days of Friendster, and we’re happy to see her get raunchier and more uninhibited as she gets older. Even after all these years, Ellen Adarna is stil sexy as fuck!

Manila Exposed

Mae Dela Cerna Flaunts Her Cocksucking Skills

Mae Dela Cerna 1

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Cute Filipina singer and dancer Mae Dela Cerna of the Mocha Girls demonstrates how she performs oral sex on her boyfriends that always makes them blow their load on her pretty face. Mae looks so sweet and innocent, but she definitely knows her way around the bedroom. We envy all of the lucky bastards who had the opportunity of getting a blowjob from her!

Filipina POV

Nathalie Hart Sex Scene In Siphayo

Nathalie Hart Exposed

Sexy Filipina-Aussie actress Nathalie Hart is rolling her eyes and cumming hard while she’s fornicating with some dude in the middle of a cornfield. Nathalie (also known as Princess Snell) has a lot of bashers in social media because of her perceived slutty lifestyle, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is one hot chick we all want to fuck!

Phoebe Walker Sex Scene In Gayuma

Phoebe Walker Exposed

Pretty Filipina-British model turned actress Phoebe Walker takes off her shirt and shows us her perky funbags while she’s banging some lucky dude cowgirl-style. Phoebe is the current “It Girl” in the Pinoy indie movie scene because of her willingness to show nudity. We expect to see a lot more nakedness from Phoebe in the years to come!

Sunshine Cruz Sex Scene In Ang Kabit Ni Mrs. Montero

Sunshine Cruz Exposed

Lovely Filipina movie actress Sunshine Cruz bares her rosy pink nipples while lying topless in bed during her sex scene with Edu Manzano. We were extremely disappointed when Sunshine’s brief career as a boldstar was cut short by her marriage to a dickhead, but at least we got to admire her beautiful naked body in a couple of films before she tied the knot. We still get a hard-on watching her sex scenes today!

Ina Raymundo Nude Scene In Burlesk Queen Ngayon

Ina Raymundo Exposed

Sexy Filipina actress Ina Raymundo goes skinny-dipping with her lover and we all get to see her tits, ass, and pussy in the process. It’s been over a decade since she made her last R-18 movie, but Ina is still one yummy mommy with a face and body that will give any man an instant boner, as evidenced by her smoking hot Instagram photos!

Katya Santos Sex Scene In Sukdulan

Katya Santos Exposed

Voluptuous babe Katya Santos lets actor Raymond Bagatsing fondle her big tits while they are watching a porno movie. We’ve been drooling over Katya ever since her Ang TV days, watching her boobies grow bigger year after year and hoping she would someday let us see those puppies. We were ecstatic when she became a member of the Viva Hot Babes and we finally got to see our idol nude!

Joyce Jimenez Nude Scene In Warat

Joyce Jimenez Exposed

Busty Filipina actress Joyce Jimenez exposes her boobs and beaver to the world while running around buck naked outdoors. Filipino millennials today may not know who Joyce, the original “Pantasya Ng Bayan”, is but many of them probably owe their existence to her because their fathers rushed home and had sex with their mothers after watching one of Joyce’s numerous rated R movies!

Assunta de Rossi Sex Scene In Kilabot At Kembot

Assunta de Rossi Exposed

Then 19 year old Filipina-Italian sex siren Assunta de Rossi bare her boobs while doing the horizontal mambo with Bong Revilla in the bedroom. We miss the days when hot young actresses like Assunta were willing to expose their naked nubile bodies on the big screen in order to gain fame and fortune, both of which Assunta achieved when she was voted as FHM’s Sexiest Woman in 2002 and then got married to a filthy rich guy. Young starlets of today should make her their role model!